REACH Only Representative: Pre-register your chemicals under REACH regulation in EU!

What is your role in REACH?
Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of CHemicals
(World's Strictest Chemicals Law)

REACH Only Representative Service
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If you manufacture, import, or use chemicals, or import articles, the pre-registration period 1 June 2008 Ė 1 December 2008 is a critical time for your business. Companies from outside the EU can not register substances themselves, they can appoint an Only Representative within EU.

There are three main types of REACH dutyholder.


Businesses that manufacture or import (from outside the EU) 1 tonne or more of any given substance each year are responsible for registering a dossier of information about that substance with the European Chemicals Agency. Because substances in articles also count (if these substances are intended to be released), it's possible that some manufacturers/importers of such articles will be registrants.

The registrant directs downstream users in the appropriate risk management measures for any particular use of the substance and responds to other players on other aspects of REACH. Registrants should consider pre-registration of substances between 1st June 2008 and 30th November 2008.

Downstream users

Downstream users include any business using chemicals, which probably includes most businesses in some way. Companies that use chemicals have a duty to use them in a safe way, and according to the information on risk management measures that should be passed down the supply chain. There is also an opportunity to pass information about use back to registrants so that this can be taken account of when assessing the risks of chemical used. Downstream users may need to supply risk assessment and risk management measures to the European Chemicals Agency if they donít want their supplier to know about how they use the chemicals. Some users may also be importers and have a duty to register.

Other actors in the supply chain (i.e. distributors, suppliers)

Businesses that sell chemicals have specific duties to pass information down to their customers, and also to pass information back to their own suppliers when customers ask them to do so.

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